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I am a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on theater and performing arts. I have ten years of experience in theater and six years of experience as an educator/facilitator. I am very interested in the relationship between art, education, applied theater and the benefits that the arts have on our health and integral development as human beings.

Artist statement (Why?)

I am a multidisciplinary artist with my main focus on theatre & drama facilitation. I was born and raised in México (Cancún and Querétaro) and now I am living and working in Tkronto and the GTA area.

I have been a theatre and clown performer for more than ten years, creating and co-creating plays and performances that included community work. I have performed for many years in the community venue of a non-profit organization called La Otra Banda A.C. and La Otra Bandita A.C which is located in a underprivileged area of the city of Queretaro. I have been a volunteer for the organization Risaterapia A.C. as a hospital clown for 4 years.

I have also had the opportunity to be working as a performing arts & visual arts teacher for 5 years creating with young people in kindergarten, elementary and middle school as a curriculum teacher and in after-school programs. I have also made some improvisation and clown workshops for adults.

My goal as an educator and facilitator is to nurture self-growth, self-esteem, and leadership through the arts, and this is a response to my own experience. The arts, but in special Theatre helped me to bring my pieces together again and build my confidence.

I do not want to “give voice” to anyone because everybody has their own voice and their own power, I want to collaborate with people so they can acknowledge and use their voices to make the changes they want for themselves in their lives and in their communities.

My style of teaching is very fluid, and dynamic but introspective. I love using theatre games, or any kind of games in general and trying to make a dynamic flow that has all kind of exercises so I can meet the necessities of my learners. Frequently I make my own educational materials and I enjoy trying them with my students.  I  consider myself a proactive leader but an everyday learner. I am always learning something new, and that includes when I am facilitating, that is one of the things that I love, and I always learn more when facilitating.

I strongly believe that art is for everyone, and everyone should have the opportunity to discover themselves through it, but for some time that has not been the case because as a society we have focused on what was considered the “general population”. 

I started to reflect a lot when I started my Youtube Channel because I could reach more people and when the pandemic came, I started to offer online classes and I started to get students from other parts of Mexico and Latin America. When I met my students online I realized that some of them lived in cities, but others did live in very small towns where they did not have any kind of classes, not just because of the pandemic, but in general, they did not have access to make theatre, no classes, no place, no groups. The only thing available to get them closer to acting was the internet.

After that I have been very focused in reaching more people with my work, trying to get them closer to the arts. I, as an artist-educator I am responsible for making opportunities and making the spaces more accessible in all ways. Everyone deserves to be part of the experience and have the same quality.

There have been a lot of groups that have been marginalized for a long time, people whose voices had not been heard, and now it is time to hear these voices so we as a society could have a more broader view of what it means to be human in all senses, with all different points of view. I am committed to contributing to co-create this society and making the changes necessary in my facilitation and my everyday life.

Past projects 

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