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Payment Methods

Step 1: 

Deposit to the following debit card number or pay by Paypal the indicated amount of the course you want to take.

Step 2: 

Fill out the registration form at the following link:

Step 3: 

Wait for your confirmation by email maximum 24 hours later and the link to take the course will be sent to you.



pay by deposit

SCOTIA BANK 4043 1300 0229 3302

You can deposit in the following establishments:  

Almacenes Zaragoza, Bodega Aurrera, Calimax, Casa Ley,

Comercial Mexicana, Mega Comercial, Office Depot, OXXO

El Portón Restaurant, Vips Restaurant, Sam's Club, Soriana

Suburbia, Sumesa, Superama and Walmart.

pay by transfer


KEY: 044680256029134815

Pay by Paypal

Select the amount to pay from $50 to $50, for example if you pay for the course of $250  in the quantity box (QUANTITY)  you select_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_5 to result in a payout of $250.

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